Supporting Singaporeans Affected by COVID-19 through Art

She put her paintbrush and passion aside, focusing on her academic pursuits, career, and family. For 15 years, Erica Wee worked in businesses and entrepreneurship, while her interest in art became buried and forgotten. Today, she has created beautiful masterpieces to raise funds against COVID-19 hunger. With four pieces, she hopes to raise a total of about $8,000 for YMCA Wok the Talk as part of art platform Sound of Art’s COVID-19 Fundraiser.

Under the Sound of Art COVID-19 Fundraiser, Erica, along with three other artists, are donating 100% of the proceeds from their dedicated art pieces to charities of their choice. Erica’s art works support YMCA Wok the Talk, a project that engages hawkers and taxi/private hire drivers in preparing and delivering grocery packs and meals to vulnerable groups including seniors, persons with special needs and low-income families.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many lives, it has also prompted various heart-warming responses from Singaporeans. Those with a desire to reach out and support those in need have taken to online campaigns, donating to charities and volunteering in projects that aid vulnerable groups. The Sound of Art COVID-19 Fundraiser has enabled Erica to contribute in her own unique way, by putting her heart into art.

“We can all do our part with the gifts and talents we have been blessed with. For us, we do it best through leveraging the power of art to convey the theme of restoration in this climate of uncertainty. Get creative in thinking about the many ways we can support and bring joy to people around us. The joy which comes from serving others is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have during this period,” said Galven Lee, Co-Founder of Sound of Art.

“Seeing more and more people being impacted by the pandemic, some even to the point where basic needs were a struggle, I felt compelled to use these artworks to help in more practical ways. I am honoured to have the opportunity to participate in this fundraiser and to do my part. Being able to use my art to help others gives meaning and purpose to my painting passion,” said Erica Wee.

The art pieces she has created chronicle her emotions and encourages people to believe and trust that we can all emerge from this pandemic stronger.

Erica was reacquainted with art and paint in 2016, when her son approached her for help with his art project. As they worked together on the art piece, she was reminded of how much she enjoyed the process of creation and set out on a journey to pick up where she left off. She shares, “I never imagined myself becoming a full-time artist when I began painting again. What started out as a hobby four years ago has turned out to be a journey of discovery and learning not only about art but the artist in me”.

“We are so honoured and grateful to partner Erica and Sound of Art in this fundraiser. It has truly been heart-warming to witness the many ways Singaporeans from all walks of life have come together to lend a helping hand to those around them. Her paintings serve as a beacon of light during these difficult times. We hope to encourage all Singaporeans to stay strong and hopeful during this period, while ensuring no one gets left behind,” said Steve Loh, General Secretary & CEO, YMCA of Singapore.

Interested individuals may purchase the artworks here: